Android application development

The applications used over the smartphone are of various kinds depending upon the environment in which it is created. We develop applications in all kind of platform according to the customers' demand. One must be careful while choosing the type of application to be built.

First one must find the target audience; suppose if it is a healthcare app for android users then the Android platform must be used while creating the app. It varies in accordance with the end-users. For developing android app languages like JavaScript, C, and C++ should be known.

Almost all the app developers know Java hence creating an application in the Android platform is a comfort zone for most of the developers. Hence the application can be developed in a cost-effective way in android when compared to iOS. Android users are in large number when compared to iOS. Hence, if you are in a target to reach your product to a wide number of the audiences then blindly go for Android other than iOS. Android apps are free to access; which is advantageous. According to a survey the users opt for free apps with positive comments in comparison with the paid applications. For app at low cost and more audience go for android.